Braking Bar

Stop rear-end collisions.

Braking Bar is an Adaptive Brake Light—a new technology that new luxury cars use to keep their passengers safe. When you brake hard, it activates to make the drivers behind you stop up to twice as fast. Now, any driver can install it to nearly any car in minutes.

You shouldn't have to buy a new car to have a safe car.

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Safety is important to everyone, so it should be available to everyone.

Until now, new safety meant a new car. Braking Bar changes that, enabling families, individuals, and professionals to easily outfit their cars with cutting-edge technology.

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Adaptive Brake Lights save lives.

After years of research, they're finally standard on some new luxury cars. But now, you don't need a new car to have them.

What are they?

Proven Technology

When you brake hard, Adaptive Brake Lights get very bright or flash. The eye sees this as a danger, making distracted drivers pay attention fast.

The results are extreme—Adaptive Brake Lights reduce drivers' reaction times by up to half and rear-end collision speeds by up to 22 mph.

First of a kind

Braking Bar makes exclusive safety widely accessible.


Effective Design

Wireless, self-calibrating, and simple, Braking Bar easily attaches to your back window and lasts for years on batteries.

Braking Bar checks for forceful braking more than 160 times per second, and when you brake hard, it illuminates near-instantaneously in the most visible location on your car. Furthermore, at ¾ of an inch thin, you won't even notice it's there.

High Quality

Made in USA

From automotive grade components to premium packaging, Braking Bar is a high-end product through design.

Built in America, Braking Bar is not only  of the highest quality, but stimulates economic growth in an increasingly outsourced sector.

      We're a group of drivers and engineers that loves what technology can do for people. From autonomous vehicles to making important safety accessible, we're constantly working on exciting projects.


      Braking Bar is our first product and will debut on Kickstarter in the coming weeks. Now we're reaching out to drivers interested in the idea of making essential safety easily installable. If that's you, or someone you might know, then please join our community and share this project so that, together, we can make the roads a better place for everyone. Your support makes all the difference.


Thank you.

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Braking Bar's benefits are universal

For Everyone

Safety is now user-installable


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